Monday, March 26, 2012
Posted by Keju Fatris at 12:03 AM
The best plank ever! :D

Friday, March 23, 2012
Posted by Keju Fatris at 1:58 AM
Hello! Hey youuu! Look at what i found! OMG! FYI. You look so freaking cuteeee here! xD OMG! Cuteeee sangat! Heee! Yups, Miss you so much. Trust me. Its not a walk in the park after what happened. Haish. But Insyallah, God will give me strength to allow me to wait for you longer. Insyallah! Amin. :)
So today.. Argggh! Lagu saye bikin untuk si Aisyah yang cute ni, kluar Radio! Wohoo! She liked it. Hahah! :) Alhamdullilah. Ader orang suruh saye write kan lyrics untuk dier jack! Hahaha! Rezeki masing2. :) Yeap. Angan Production coming up. Lagu satu hari. Insyallah everything will go fine. Amin! Got 3 ticks to sell. Whatever it is, Aisyah coming or not. Im gonna buy her a tick to standby. Maybe adek and Mukhlis kot? Hahah! Whatever it is, Ill buy for her. Important. :)
Klah Byeeee!
Salam satu Malaysia!

p/s Miss you!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012
Posted by Keju Fatris at 11:49 PM
Malik is back! Malik isss.. HAHA!
Hello peeps! Sua lama tak blog! I miss this blog! :)
Wohoo! So yeah. Terjah competition dah lepas.
Tak menang pape. But Keris brought home Karut terbaik and 3rd placing. And we beat Keris nyer awok-awok by 0.5 marks. Alhamdullilah! :) Now preparing for "Angan" Production. :) Insyallah it'll be a blast. This like Gemersik like that. But this is Angan a Keris Movement production. :) Its at Lot 1 field. Come down and see eh. :) Join the fun! So yeah. And i miss her so much! Well who else? Her lah! :D
Byeee! Salam Satu Malaysia!