Monday, July 27, 2009 XXXXX-amss!!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 12:13 PM
haha! hello! =)
so today i got prelim maths paper... 1st look at the paper bopley nak terjatuh ah...
paper ok ah... bangse bleh buat nyer ah tapi tk cnfrm pass.. =)
then got this one guy ah name numan brudder ah.. he draw something on his arm ah i
find the graphic cool cos its like urban2 drawing like that... then after paper was collected he
was called by miss yeo puffer fish thats what marsilians call her.. she say the drawing
to her like a code that could give answers to the exam takers... mepek sey!
k enough dont wanna be a gay ah telling u guys all this bull shit! ahha!
then after skewl go mkn at mac'd unfortunately forget to bring my money
then numan treat me ah then must pay back soo this is not counted as treat ah..
mkn2 disturb ppl, ppl disturb us back... go jln2 jap pat sane numan nak anuh sluar bla bla bla...
then now im here infront of the monitor monitoring what im typing cos im like sleepy... later
got oral sex... hahah! got oral at skewl.. malay... i think ive some hard words that could help me ace this oral..
thnx to someone teaching me about what optimistic means.. haha! =) maybe after that go blaja ah..
eh seriously i wanna pass my psle... ahahha!! if im taking psle ah...
dear god,
juah kanlah dier dari musibah.. dan mintak2 saye pass exam ye ye?
so nnt kite chat eh god? hahaahha! =)
klah bye!

hujan renyai tk berhenti,
dari keju mengundur diri!
assalamualaikom! =)


Saturday, July 25, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 12:19 AM

Kom Kom! =)

Hello? ok so this is the first time im posting... well 1st of all, i would like to say a special thanks to aisyah for making this blog for me..
i think without her, im not here typing and knwing what blogging is? haha! so Thnx Aisyah! =)

So today we have to wear costume to celebrate racial harmony that i think have passed a few days ago? dont knw.. So how do i look? hahha! Tdy in skewl was fun ah, walk around the skewl then ppl look at me like knw me for a few decades like that alady then ask to take pict.. haha! being a hero a day was erm, FUN! haha! Then after skewl lepak with this punjabi costume.. ppl thought im shah rukh khan.. hahaha! kidding2! =P then went home then relax baring2 msg someONE.. then mandi siap2 go madrasah.. then madrasah pon gerek... name jer madrasah beh satu2 setan.. hahah! =) then went home now typing... still waiting for the reply... but i think she've slept rdy.. so haha!
k lah selamat mamat!

Miss her! =)


Thursday, July 23, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 8:50 PM
Hello all :D

Its gonna be a reaalllly short post. Heh, :B
Im new with this, so yeah, understanddd jer la. :D
Okaaay bye.