Tuesday, March 15, 2011
Posted by Keju Fatris at 10:28 AM

The Reason why im living.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Posted by Keju Fatris at 9:57 PM
Happy seeeey! blanjeeer pat vivo! lupeeer kiteeer! hahaha! xP
well life's just getting better with her by my side. heee!
school was bored? nothing to do! Then cher like what ony. can let go at 3+
purposely talk cock with class. cos he finish work at 6. then waste time with us.
WTF! :D I hope can you tml! ^^, hee!
Rinduuu lah sangat sangat!

Once there was a sardine,
Who lived in a can of tin,
The tin dropped and jump out the sardine,
Its not a healthy sardine,
But its a fat sardine,

The fat sardine flow in the big ocean bubble,
Then the fat sardine saw a fat sea turtle,
The fat sardine swam to the sea turtle way,
"What a beauty!" the fat sardine say.

After knowing the fat sea turtle,
The fat sardine was dazzle,
Just to see the fat sea turtle smile,
The fat sea turtle is really special,
The sardine babble.

The fat sardine say,
"I wanna marry you one day"
The fat sardine continued,
"Would you give me a chance from me to you?"

*The sea turle smile*

What would you say Fat sea turtle? <3

HEEE! This can be a story book you knww!
like the story of the little red riding hood? or the 3 little pigs.


~Am-i-irul~ hehe! ^^,