Tuesday, September 22, 2009 Assalamualaikom! Slamat hari raya, DUIT?!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 11:36 PM

Bila tiba hari raya,
Seluar koyak nmpk buah~

HAHHAHAHHA!!! ok peeps! Samat li Loyo!
erm k nothing much to say but raye... duuuhh~ ok erm 1st day morning nvr go out, apparently nvr go solat raye, over slept.. haha! so woke up at 7.30 ok i knw still can go solat but im sry my eyes are begging for me to close them... then roll2 on the floor... i was sleeping in the living room... very cold... haha! then pick up my butt very heavy... haha! switched on the comp hoping for this one "thing" to online.. hahhaa! kk im kidding.. sape terase mintak maaf bnyk2.. keju men2 jer eh eh?
haha! then at 8 clean the house... well parents not at home.. its easier to clean the house when parents are not at home.. its true... (FYI) not(FBI) hah! k lame.. haha! so yesterday go jb...
jbjbjbjbjbjb!!! hahaha! visit cousin house... Go test drive car i think it was lancer evo xii? correct me if im wrong... 180km/h reached... haha! then today was spoiled by school... mepek... lucky this year last.. phew.. haha!
sry2 takde pantun... dah kol brape ni? haha! klah bye! samat raye...
bye nur! ull nvr be replace remember that! =) love yah!


Saturday, September 12, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 10:31 PM
Hello bello!
Guess what!? 090909 aint a lucky date! for me that is..
erm so the lucky date was DRUM ROLL~ 100909
hahaha! but its great if i talked to her on 090909
haha! im so lucky she remembers me.. hahahha!

Do you here im talking to you,
Across the water!
Across the deep blue ocean!
Under d open sky oh my baby im tryin.

if ya guys dont knw, this is the lyrics to a song
titled lucky by Jason Mraz!
His my icon btw.. his voice is soo damn nice..
haha! soo jason mraz all the way eh! =)
erm so tdy nothing much happens went to my frens house..
study... but end up playing around with guitars and recordings...
hahhaa! stupid of us... haha!
erm so tdy break my fast eating mee soup...
using mee hoon.. no like... lucky the kuah sedap... hahaha!
now listening to lucky by jason mraz and chatting with one
of daniel's fan.. lol! hahha! sape makan chilli terase pedas eh!
haha! =) erm so happy chatting with the so called fan... haha!
ok lah ending post now...
. (sry no poems?)


Tuesday, September 8, 2009 N level! Why? why? WHY!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 10:31 PM
hello2 fofelo bananafana fofelo fefifelo!!
hahaha! oookkk.. weird.. =)
so yesterday was the start of Singapore's
N-level paper.. The first paper was malay,
so start my morning yesterday with i smile..
but im still sad inside cos of some reason where ill tell u guys later... so went to skewl wishing that the paper gonna be easy.. so i think the paper was easy... everyone said it was easy... then finish exam go home.. on the comp.. haha! like nothing imprtnts going on in my life aye? haha! then let time pass... 1pm.. i performed my prayer... then went to skewl back for english l.c paper.. duuuhh~ tired... why? why must they delay the exam? why cant they just straight start the paper? so nvm let bygones be bygones...tdy was my 2nd paper... had malay l.c it was quiete ok... erm tmrw is my english written aye.. dunno what they will test us about... but i think im ready.. i think so...? yeah... haha!
liked ive promised.. ill tell u why ive been fellin' a'lil bit down inside... well... its all about a gerl.. its been awhile since we chatted otp, chatted on the comp.. i miss her laughter.. i miss her soothing voice.. i miss everythang bout her.. what i can do is just wait.. buuuuttt! if i wait nothing will happen... i need to think on how to stay in cntc with her... i hope she stills remember a kampong boy like me.. lol! ^^ tmrw's a termendous date.. 090909 i hope i can chat with her otp.. if this lucky date is true...

Hey You! Yeah you! The gerl im refering to..
i miss ya! ya knw that?!
really2 miss ya!
like every post, ill finish my post with a poem..
here goes!

Day by day im here alone without u,
I just wish all this would just pass through,
Cause i no longer can bare this no more,
But ill wait if ur the one im waiting for.

ily,imy! Nur.
With love and respect!


Friday, September 4, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 5:34 PM
I really miss her so much..

Dear god,
if this is what u give us,
im willing to accept but pls i just want her to be safe
and well... i knw this is a challenge frm u...
and i knw ramadhan is a blessed month,
ill wait, miracles can happen at anytime..
i miss her... i just can remember her by this song...

Tido ...yah tido,
Besok sahur mkn bubur,
Cpt ...yah cpt,
Lepas itu mkn ubat..

*her voice giggling*

love ya nur!