Thursday, January 13, 2011 Nur Aisyah ♥
Posted by Keju Fatris at 9:37 PM
Never i would ever stop believing,
Unbelivable things can happen,
Right after your eyes blinking,

Afew years ago i met this girl,
I started knwing her bit by bit,
Sitting alone imagining that someone special,
You knw im a really lucky kid,
As that instant message was accidentaly sent to me,
Happy cant describe what im feelin'!

Im too happy!
So happy!

Aisyah was her name,
Making me smile and laugh everyday,
A day without talking to her is a tragedy,
Zooming back in our memories
Is the most happest thing,
Nothing would ever change my feeling about this,
Girl who had taken away my heart and soul!

Hey guys! girls! gays! ^^, been awhile since ive last posted! HAHAHA! heck i think ill just remove all of you accept someone. Cos shes the only want reading and making me update my blog. So my blog wont get dusty. hahaha! =)) Alot has happened. But truely theres nothing happier compared being with her every single day of my life! <3

Ill always love you <3,>