Friday, October 30, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 1:41 AM

Hello!! erm so tdy tiring day, woke up at 12 eh? idk ah... then at 3 mandi.. go out to soccer training at admiralty.. boarded the MRT ah. haha! saw haikel panda ah, thats what we call him... cos his in ite rdy the height shorter then me then the body so chubby like that.. thats why panda... haha! well after training tired ofcourse... im not super man.. just waiting for that msg ah.. frm her.. erm i think the server got something wrong? or she forgot? haha! nvm though whatever it is shes not in the fault to blame her.. haha! =) dont wanna make her more stress... erm tried to make her laugh tdy.. cause she was soo moody... but thne my "skills" made her laugh abit.. i oso dont knw whether she really laughed or not... she just typed, "haha," so after soccer then go dikir training... as usually the guys there were late... promised at 8 they came at 9? ouh gosh... i think i dont wanna play this comp ah... we have a week more.. and we only learned the juara's song.. haish... bungkus sudah... like we're gonna win like that... im just playing this for the sake of having fun.. haha! erm i miss her... yes i miss her.. am i missing her too much? hmmm...

If i could let the world know,
Ur the one i love more,

More then i love my fro,

Its true just so u know.

hahaha! ok abit crap-ish ah.. well if u read it and u smile, ive finish my work here.. hahaha!
ok dudes/dudets! let go catch some narrllyyy wavesss duuuddeee!! kaaawaaabaanngggaaa!! hahahha! ok from no where... bye2! love yah nur! love yah love yah! hee! =D bye! smile back k sweetie!


Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Happy Birthday KejuSmurf!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 1:11 AM
Hello world! i got the whole world in my hand~
hahahha! yes i do... cos its my birthday! weee~ but sad ah cannot chat with nurr... she needs to go... =( really hope could chat with her lah and make her smile again... but i totally understand that she has to go... =) shes going to the old folks home... hahah! alamak... kecoh ah.. sampai biler lagi sey nak uat CIP.. hahhaa! btw! she wrote a rant about me.. hahah! i think thats my favourite one ah... hahha! =D ader lah sbb2 nyer... one of it is keju terharu! sngt2! =D haha! Thnx nurr for spreading mt dads name... now everyones gonna knw it.. hahha! k nvm.. still got the KejuSmurf name ah... etleast abit cute.. hahhahhaa! k syiok sendiri.. lol! and all u guys that have sent me a msg, cmnt whatever, rly appreciate it.. hahha! =D btw nurr love yah! hahah! last eh? lol!
ok lah eventhough im tired imma do a shrt pantun for u guys?

Keju dah 16 tahun!!
Dah bleh tngk Nc 16 pon!
Keju tkkn lupe lah kawan2,
Sume yang telah berkorban..

HAHHAHAH! berkorban aper pon ntah lah eh? lol! btw enough eh nurr.. whats wrong with 16? hahha! nak kcau jer tau... its just a number... 16, so? hahhaha! k neber the mind.. imma sleep now.. tired dey! hahha! bye! love yah nurrr!!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009 1 more day bday.. how? 16 ledy liao! =) hahha!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 12:44 AM
Hello! hahaha! tmrws my bird'day.. and im getting my present tdy? haha! with a new beanie.. haha! yah not suami... ok this joke has expired... cos ive used it against aisyah rdy... as per normal... giggle abit then lyn keju... hahha! "hahk! ok keju" something like that ah... haha! so now so happy chatting and webcaming with her... and pls dont disturb her ley! shes not ur listener... lucky shes kind... and pls SP dont irritate her... i want her to smile to the world everyday! and im doing this the kind way by saying plssss... cmn guys give her a break? and let me do my job for god sake... and let her smile... cos im laking abit of *$kechang$* in ma pocket.. haha! so pls? Amin! =) haha! finally tdy shes smiling again... the future is bright for her now.. chey! HAHAHA!! tkdelah im just kidding.. ok so world just to let the public knw now, that my hair sucks to the core! hahaa! ok bye!
sry no poem.. got to concentrate on her now she want off.. hahaha! =)


Friday, October 23, 2009 Over reacting?
Posted by Keju Fatris at 9:55 PM
Hello! erm well i think im over reacting? i think i wanna apologies to her for over reacting... im so sry... to tell u guys truth, im just scared of losing her? shes just.. special! =D
so nurr, im rly sry... if u still want to knw what made me sad, its just that u went offline without me knwing ah... i was wondering why and why? till ur sis onlined... im just sry k... small thing.. sryy...
love ya nurr so much! =D


Thursday, October 22, 2009 Just for you ♥
Posted by Keju Fatris at 8:50 PM
hello world! feel a lil bit down right now...
erm just wanna ask a random question ah... does she love me anymore? wait2! nah nah nah!
does she even like me anymore? if i did anything wrong, just speak it out.. if i said anything, just anything that makes u unhappy just word it out... ill do everything to make myself better just for u? erm im not saying that im sensitive. im just like asking? whatever it is... ill still love her like last time, but this time, i love her even more.. =D erm so maybe this saturday meeting her? maybe? answers on her hand.. well not forcing her though.. i just miss her knw? dont knw if she miss me.. hahaha!! well i knw im not Brad Pit to be miss-ed.. haha! erm i dont knw i wanna write a pantun or a poem.. but dont care ah which one... either one ill write, its for her...
k here goes.. ill do it sweet.. cos that's what she like about my pantun? haha!

Dari dulu hingga sekarang,
Nur lah yang keju selalu terbayang
Hingga tak tidor semalaman,
Wajah aisyah keju mengenangkan,
Dari subuh hingga senja,
Keju tertanya-tanya bahawa,
Adakah aisyah selamat?
Dan keju masih di teringat?

Thats all ive gotta say guys... i really hope god will stretch our relationship... so i can make her smile.. thats all ive ever wanted.. maybe she didnt realise what shes done... but it hurt me... abit only.. but ill keep wondering where shes gone? well i think shes too tired ah.. so nvm..
Dear god,
What ever happens ill accept it... cos ur the one who makes this things happen.. =)
and i hope i can meet her saturday.. =)

Bye! Love ya nurr! ♥

With love,

Tuesday, October 20, 2009 Soccer in life?
Posted by Keju Fatris at 11:52 PM
Hello fello bombello fanenafena fofelo fefi fofelo! ohh hello!
ahahhaa! =) hello world? yeah like the world reads my blog? HAHHAAHA!! k that cracks me up... hhaha! oh my gosh! dosent my blog have a good story? why is the world not reading my blog?! hahaha! ill tell that to the presiden.. =D haha! k so tdy feels like staying home ah... but too bored... haha! so woke up at 10... why did i woke up at 10? haish... then what to do? woke up.. play game ah... thats what boys do? right? hahaha! =D then bored again off the game... at 12 like that, have my shower... then eat... i think ah i eat.. haha! then on the comp in the afternoon.. i think she onlined ah... hmm? does she? hahah! k nvm =) erm about 2 plus plus, i was too too bored... so did my prayers.. after that went out go play soccer at admiralty... wah very tiring sia... but fun ah... the ferst thing i heard frm the instructor was, "i like ur hair!" well who dosent? haha! its bushy! bouncy! soft! =) aha! the pillow-maker should put my hair instead of cotton... haha! so back to my day.. haha! then play2 soccer! didnt scored any goals.. gosh... hahha! amsyar scored 2 i think? opponent scored 14? LOL!! hahahaah! well what do u expect with 3 upper sec.. 3 or 4 child... sec 1 or 2 ah... well.. hahha! as usuall crack jokes.. instructor laugh... HA-HA-HA! then he say nxt training he puts me incharged of doing fitness.. everybody laugh.. HAHA! like ouh gosh... i just played there like just! once! then incharge of fitness... i want to play with the other team... wsa.. yeah! Wah Sa bAy! i think so ah... thats what they say... so then bla2! the instructor asked to join... bla3! walk to Admiralty Place then dad took me there drove off home... tiring.. go home eat ferst.. haha! then do prayer then shower... hahahhaa!! eeewwh!! haha! then play game awhile.... then online at 10 cos i knw she'll online late... just as i thought... her sis was online... shes not.. hahaha! =D no offence! =) now chatting with her.. erm gtg soon.. *sobs* haha! new expression numan tought me.. hahhaa! erm... u guys knw what? i miss her... alot.. shes just a big thing in my life... without her i wont change.. and without change i wont her... dont understand nvm... hahahha! cos i tend to talk crap... yeah! but im not playing around when i say i love her.. miss talking to her... miss talking crap with her... misss call.. MISSing in action... haish.. how i wish things would get back to normal.. where i and her can talk again... like last time... soon i hope! =) well every sad ending there must be a poem at the end.. that is if i wrote the book ah... soo lets goo!

Without you in my everyday life,
It seems dull and pointless,
How i wish things will be back to normal,
So i can cherish you every minute every moment.


Tanpa awak di sisi setiap hari,
Ia nmpk boring dan tak bermakna lagi,
Ku berharap agar sume ini balik menjadi normal(HAHAHHA),
Jadi saye boleh menikmati awak setiap minit setiap momant.

HAHAHHA!!! so how? abit funny ah the malay one lol! =)
k have fun with ur lives! i knw im gonna! =)
see u when i see u! bye!
love ya nurr!


Thursday, October 15, 2009 Did i do something wrong?
Posted by Keju Fatris at 12:09 AM
k yesterday i slept at 3.30 am cannot sleep ah thinking of someone, someone really2 imprtant! S.R Nathan? no.. someone ah... i just dont knw! someone okay! haha! =P then while im awake, i was watching this great show ah... it was, "so u think u can donce? " haha! australia version ah? haha! "donce" k errr lame! =P haha! 1st it was boring cos i waited ah to see if the dancers got it... and end up they making a full out of themself... HA-HA! but3! afew of these dancers are cool, style and weird...try bending ur body backwards but ur body dosent touch the floor only ur fore head... how bout that? haha! and doing that S..e..e..e..l..l..l..o...o...w.w..w..l...i..i...i..eee, slowly.. haha! to test ur blance and the strenght of ur bodies... cos thats what the dancer did... the show finished at 2 ah... then watch a true movie on HBO movies? duuuhh~ haha! it was called stop-loss i think.. it was so dramatic that it make fell to sleep... but nooo! aha! *channel change!* punch line was the title.. i was a good show.. where there was this guy comedian like me do a one night stand ah... he was poor... he did this job for a living.. imagine he only get 15 bucks for one show? and his jokes all hit the spot! if u knw what i mean... then came this one female comedian who wants a taste of this comedy succes... but her jokes were all lame, like me... haha! then she ask the guy comedian to "sell" some joke to her... he refuses at ferst.. buuut well u knw stories, all end up in a happy ending unless its a true stry where... u get my point.. haha! then the guy comedian, give her the joke... not sell but give.... as days and experience catch up on her, she go pro.... then i dont knw what happened, it was 3.30. ahha! i went to sleep rdy... HAHHAA! sry for the suspense.. but i wanna see this show titled coach carter... its a very good show! u guys must see it... got one actor in the movie called, Timo Cruz.. he looks just like me... *Ya wanna go nigga?! i aint for yaw! imma right heere dawg! imma right heere!* hahaha! cool show... the way they speak, i like.. u guys gotta hear me talk that way.. haha! =P

so tdy went out with dad.. go eat.. then go home at 3 like that... then watch brother play comp... sit there like stupid duck.. haha! then my turn... play2.. untill 5... then went out play soccer with pele... haha! king of the court babe! Jyeah! =) haha! go home rushing cos i wanna chat with this someone ah... mystery... wooo~ haha! reach home, my big brother michael jordon was playing the comp... then my turn online at 10.30 lucky i get to chat with her... i knw i did something wrong... i knw i do... i just want u to forgive me nur? will ya? then got to webcam with her... oohh! i gotta tell u this... when shes studying, she takes it very2 seriously... lucky i didnt take bio... if i take ah... i help her ready ah! haha! =) then she start drawing this cute2 heart ah... all this thing is about bio... btw wth is xylem transportation? haha! and left atrium? =) and she drew my name!! awwwww!! well i asked her ah to drew it.. haha! she say her handwriting not nice.. then i say i wanna trade my handwriting with her, she say dont want.. what ony.. haha! i really like her smile.. haha! so sweet.. ahaha! KFC*meltz* hahahahahaha! if u guys get it.. haha! erm 13 days till i turn 17? haha! sweet 17.. =)k i knw.. im still a baby.. hah! thats what my family members call me... im not ashame of it at all... it sounds cute.. haha! but abit matrepish ah... keju baby.. hahhahahhaahahha!!! k in the middle of the night when u laugh its not a good thing to doo.. haha!
i think my blog is long enough.. haha! well imma motor mouth got lots to say.. haha! =)
errrrmm eerpp! poem! haha! =)

Ur the grape of my eye,
U just makes me happy when im down,
Why does time has to fly?

When we're having fun all around...

hahaha! why grape u might be asking... how bout u guys ask urself why apple? why is it, "ur the apple of my eye" ? apples not round.. so i pick grapes.. haha! i like grapes too... haha! =) ok enough crap here! imma outta heere dawg! lets bounce! haha! bye suckas! haha! bye!


Monday, October 12, 2009 Im Officially out of Marsilik! Seconlaly School!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 11:01 PM

So guys, readers? if there is any ah? haha! who want to read my blog tell me? ahaha! wookay.. haha! so im officially out of marsiling sec... stupid 4 years there... but marsiling have made me grown from adult to teen... haha! yeah i think im getting more childish-er hahaha! erm i think imma miss my class mates... well as u guys knw or dont knw, anyhuu, im the class joker, clown, entertainer? haha! for short, keju eh.. kah waw juu. =)
haha! ill be more specific, imma miss the teachers, miss call... hahahhaa!! k mepek ... erm mrs geetha tha tha... Mdm nisa,(wearing green) well she sang before... ive melted... haha! erm Mr.chan with his big big apple on his throat.. for those teacher who ive not mentioned, ur not important... hahahhaa! kidding2! im sry to have not mention u, but deep in my heart ill find u, cos ur the reason of our success.. =) inspiration blog huh? haha! ok now my classmates, imma miss my blllaaaallerrr AHK!
panjang! AKA yao xiang(in the pict, tallest guy)... Aisyah aper? haha! remember xiang? haha! then ill miss saaaapppp.. haha! memang bahan buat lawak ah sab eh?(beside teacher on the left) haha! then Minah M'sia and Mat M'sia.. minah=azureen (beware pak tam pnya eh? beside the gerl touching her ... skirt ah eh? haha!) ahaha! Mat=Fahmi bin rosdi..(not in the pict) dier memang kaki nyanyi jgk ah... gendang pon same ah.. haha! =) then sape agy eh? asri saptiam...(beside galar!) matrep wannabe... ahhaha! tu tk bleh ckp ah.. hahaha! tapi dari mule skolah sampai skrng, aku dah lupe kan sorang dah, NYONYA as they call her? haha! u guys knw.. hidung mo maintain eh?
k guys! have a wonderfull life.. eh sbenarnye, aku ni emotional skit... haha! skit jer.. ni skrng rase mcm nak... jeng... jeng... jeng... Tanpa ku sedari air mataku mengalir~ awww! okok! 4L2 well ur the best! except for one, nyonya.. asl lah dier class kite.. hahaha! once a 4L2 always a 4L2... dont forget our class jerseys eh! remember us guys! im so sad right now.. haha! sad as in happy sad like that... why do our class rock? see now im sad to leave a rocking class? haish... should have cried at graduation ceremony so anyone can comfort me there.. hahaha! k got one poem for u guys...

A year has passed,
It seemed so quick,

I wish this year can be longer,

So ill enjoy this year every second every minit.

To all 4L2 Except nyonya, remember me eh, like justin robot said..
Keju: Justin!! WHATS MY NAME?!

Justin: KEEJJUU!! hahaha!

Keju: Baik justin... blllaleeeer! =D

So erm whats happening in my life, for me its happy.. as long as i get to talk to the only nurr? haha! chatting with her now.. shes moody.. got back ache... what ah.. she say she sleeping on the floor for some reasons u guys no need to knw.. haha! later bcom hunchback baru tau.. ahah! =)
i hope not eh? well my bdays is in roughly 3 weeks time... =) haha! wohoo! well now thinking for a part-time job? dunno yet... haha! nurr? pls oh pls take care of urself... and goodluck for ur POA tmrw... =D amin! =)

Osim is a good thing,
It massages ur body and everything,

Please use one nur?
Its better then letting ur back aching?

haahhaha!! funny poem for tdy... cos im happy! =) hah! k peeps!
keep on reading eh? ill post more.... haha! yeah sure... in a few months time?
ahhaha! bye! love ya nur!! =)


Wednesday, October 7, 2009 Its all about u now! =)
Posted by Keju Fatris at 4:07 PM
haha! this gonna be a short post i guess haha!
i can only say that i miss her soo much! =)

not one day not one night,
i forget about her,
all alone with no one but my fright
a fright that i would lose her...