Tuesday, August 25, 2009 4th day of fasting
Posted by Keju Fatris at 3:38 PM
heeeellloo!! =)
so today is the 4th day of fasting..
i havent break any of my fast yet
plan to fast full this year..
cos last year i fast for 29 days only
a few reasons that u no need to knw.
soo this few days been breaking my fast
eating noodles.. im bored with noodles.
i want rice, fish, CHICKENS! ,beef!
hahha! k but nvm i must be thankful
of what my mom cooks.. better than nothing
haha! today was soooo tired.. fasting knw,
then got p.e then entertain my child-like
frens.. haha! then play soccer with them..
apparently my aiming is not that good..
but scored a few goals lah.. haha! im not
that rotten in soccer lah.. =P after p.e
was so damn exhausted.. i fell like drinking
BUTT.. ahaha! butt.. k childish...
but i say to myself if she can do it,
then i can too... right nur? haha! =)
after that... ah nvm ah skip ah tired ah want
explain.. haha! k then reach home at 1 goin 2.
online on my psp.. while waiting for her to
online... then now chatting with her..
haha! hey readers i gotta ques for u guys...
what do u feel if someone told u, he/she wanna talk
otp with u then end up he/she sleep rdy AND
without msging he/she or telling he/she u wanna sleep?
hahahah!! complicated right?
just reply on my tag board.. =) but still i wanna apologise
to someone, if u think im apologising to u, then its u..
i want to apologise to a special someone that waited for me
till 12 oclock to talk to me.. aint she sweet? haha!
i think i can bear for another 2 more hours?
haha! well till here i guess..

Ramadhan is a well blessed month,
It really test our faith and our iman,
One thing ive learn is to be patient,
Bcos patient is what makes us go through ramadhan.

So muzlims.. hahha! kutbah pa? haha!
have fun fasting... think positve...
think as if u nvr eat tdy cos ur parents
cook for u a special feast for ur empty stomach
hahha! crappsss! bye!
Love ya nurr! =)


Monday, August 17, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 10:44 PM
hello imanass!
hahahahaha!! gotcha guys! yes u are and ass!
k soo lame.. haha! well just wanna have fun start on my blog tdy?
so end skewl at 12.40 go out lepak...
then at 3 or 4 plus go home... change then eat for awhile..
yeah i dont shower after reaching homee i knw gerlss, eeeeeewww!
haha! then after eating, switch on the comp.. then i was really hoping
she'd online.. but sadly noo =( then fs-ing, fb-ing, tagged-ing.. haha!
then websms her... after that her sis online... without saying hi,
she said, " oi! bla bla bla! " forget the rest.. ahahaha!
ok then at 6+ went out to play soccer.. then havent even reach there, my
parents pick me up.. sad.... then muke boring... then go home... play psp
awhile... psp sucks frankly... =P erm then online ah.. and at the same time
watch tevee.. i really miss her tdy... so much! haha! now i think i want off
then want go eat... then2 online back use psp... i say rdy ill wait.. heee! =D
i would like to thank her again for pimping my blog.. haha! =)
Thnx Nurrr ...!! haha! finally i knw who a.f is.. think so ah... buttt..
i dont think the guy is not the guy ur refering to.. i think thats what imma
trying to say... i hope u guys understand a techinal words.. haha! =)

She wrote it'll play out like a scene,
But i wish we'll play it real,
Cos if u play it like a scene its just acting,
I just want the real deal! =)

klah till her bye!


Saturday, August 15, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 5:12 PM
Hey supp niggaz!
So tdy basically is a bore, lucky theres someone that i could chat with and make
my day less miserable. Erm 1st of all i would like to thank a special someone for
pimping my blog till its comes out totally like this! haha! now my blog hensem alady,
so thank you mtv for pimping my blog! hahaha! thank you! u knw who u are.. haha!
So tdy i woke up at 1.30pm i think.. i its so damn cold.. I woke up only switch on the comp,
then there she is! haha! She ask me to check my blog and tell her if it dosent look nice..
I think it comes out pretty nice right? hahaha! Then chatted with her till 2+ , she
gotta help her aunt clean up the house.. then i make myself useful and go shower
after that i fried some eggs, was so hungry.. While i was eating, im watching the dvd,
"The Maid" act brave ah.. haha! eat for 20-30mins.. wash the dishes and the frying
pans.. Then continue watching "The Maid" again.. i tell u so frightening sia!!
the whole show i hold my pillow nvr let go one... and the suspence ah like cb!
From nowhere sia the ghost come... hahahaha!! lucky im strong... but not brave.. haha!
after the show, on the comp back, and there she is again! hahah! =) i swear man,
everytime i think of her i smile.. aww! aint keju sweet? hahaha! =D and now im
blogging here.. haha! =) now listening to my recent dikir competition song..
haha! funn! now she offline rdy... =( but nvm i think she tired to entertain me
alady.. hahaa!!

A million thanks to aisyah,
For pimping my blog,
No one can replace u lah,
Like u said ur one in a million
You are just different! =)


Monday, August 10, 2009 Happy birthday eh Singapore!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 2:55 PM
Hey hey hello! =)
So i just woke a few mins ago..
k yesterday was NDP.. dont have tix to go but
just go see fireworks.. haha! i really2 had fun
cos i was the guy who make stupid noises ah... haha!
we were suppose to meet at bns at 4.30 but before that
i go slack around 2+ slack2 then suddenly she say her
father drop her off at marsiling mrt station.. i was like
siaaakkk aahh!! a chance fully wasted to meet her.. =(
then slack till 4 plus go meet my frens ah.. then as usual,
all of them were late.. and i was so damn tired at that
particular time.. finaly all of them came at around 5
so took the mrt with my frens and our other frens..
we were like a gang wanna go riot.. haha! then reach yishun,
meet nasir and amsyar.. we were suppose to meet them like half an hour
ago.. haha! than straight to marina! wohoo!
"City hall interchange" then we all alight.. hahaha!
there are alot of us sia.. everyone with different personality and
characters.. haha! skaters, matreps.. haha! fuck matreps man!
but im just playing it cool.. white tee, jeans, shoes, shawl and white capone hat.
when we reach there, alot of people were sweating like hell
hahaha! then finaly we got some fresh air... ahha!
then we stopped for awhile, smoke break.. haha!
then walk again.. so crowded sia! gosh... so then saw some people we sitting
down on the grass ah... got show near there.. i thought that was the actual
show.. hahhaa! when i was there i really wish to meet her so can take photo,
then.. aww! miss that chance again! =( k then go marina square, eat long john
then saw my dikir crew, ain, yan, putra all ah.. haha! then i disturb ain
"eh ni yang masuk anugerah eh? ain kan?" hahahha! he say "siak kau! hahah! salaah orang,
salah orang.. hahaha!" then go eat.. lucky got spot to eat.. haha!
after eat smoke break again... then aroun 8+ go out then wait for the fireworks..
we all were wondering why the fireworks, like after one the one.. like nvr fire all them off.
but the finale was superb.. haha! now no need go see fireworks at malaysia.. haha!
dont cha love singapore? haha! after that i want go meet her ah... then i went dont to marina centre stage,
to meet her lah.. but she go up marina square to go toilet.. where i was there before..
hahaha! then she go fullerton's toilet.. hahaha! funny ah her.. =P
then we go slack again ah... like stupid.. i was cracking jokes like cracking a peanut
all the way long... hahaha! =) really2 had fun... i hope she had fun too..

Dear god,
i wish shes alright right now cos
i nvr talked to her for awhile..
shes busy with her things all
but im not angry.. i just want her
to be happy.. thats my wish.. =)

NDP was great,
i get to go home late,
i really had fun,
but till here im afraid.



Tuesday, August 4, 2009 Smile to the sky.
Posted by Keju Fatris at 10:40 PM
Hey! Wazzup niggaz!
So yeah finally, prelims over. tdy basically just taking a rest at home. didnt have to attend skewl tdy cos errrr prelims over duuuhh~ hah! so tdy woke up at around 6. dnt knw why tdy could woke up early by myself.. usually i feel like not waking up at all bcos of skewl. k wth. then while i was awake, i send a msg to her and only her. then after that went bck to sleep. haha! then woke up at 11 plus. watch nancy drew.. yeah thats it i suppose. then started smiling when chatting with her.

Saturday, August 1, 2009 Dont you just hate being sick?
Posted by Keju Fatris at 11:53 AM
~Dont you just want god to be on ur side when ur sick? But you dont seem to remeber him when ur not sick.. isnt it true?~

just ate my ubat cough2! ahha!
then mabuk for some reasons...
when ur sick dont smoke guys.. gosh!
k yestersay, i reached home at 1 plus sat down relax
then on my comp see who online then special someone not online..
soo blog hop.. after that my sis teacher called saying she was having a fever,
so then i like dont want go fetch her.. so had no choice.. go fetch her...
i was walking like a guy who just had drugs... omg.. high sey...
then reach home.. again.. play comp for awhile.. then switch off the comp..
at 2 like that went to sleep.. hope to wake up at 3 or 4 like that then woke up at 6
too tired went to sleep again... then woke up at 1.20+ like that..
onlined for awhile to see if shes online not cos one day didnt talk to her knw!
then end up chatting with juare nyer matey,yani..
then ask her to msg someone... unfortunately shes asleep.. =)
i knw shes tired.. haha! so yeah.. then chatted untill 2 am.. then sleep again..
then wake up at 8... dizzy like hell.. play psp after that i thought i recovered abit..
but then coughing averywhere then cant stop spitting... eeewww! =)
ahaha! now blogging and still waiting for her to online... =(
later maybe go out... go celebrate babies birthday..
hahaha! i cant wait for mine to come.. =)

Dear god,
i wish that the whole day yesterday, shes not sick or anything..
ill pray for her safety.. =) and mine too.. haha!
imy her so much god...
haha!! i love you too god..

satu hari suntuk sakit,
otak pening badan perit,
ku harap dier sihat ah,
kerna ku asyik teringt kan nya..

klah bye! till here eh!