Monday, January 11, 2010 No point~
Posted by Keju Fatris at 9:02 PM
I think theres no point onlining anymore,
I think theres no point i use this blog anymore but i totally appreciate what she have done.
I think theres no point in living anymore?
I think theres no point to causeway point..
haha! it hasn't been the same entertaining me only..



Wednesday, January 6, 2010 How can i make u smile if u knw all my jokes and u dont feel like talking?
Posted by Keju Fatris at 11:32 PM
She gorgeous in that pict.. ahha! helluuu!
so yeah got accepted in yishun ite campus for aerospace technology.. its great to have alot of breaks but its like i got nothing to do... gosh! so got some good thing and some bad thing ah.. but nvm.. ill just leave that 'thing' in skewl.. these few days not been chatting with her.. just waiting for her impatiently to get her new fone.. wooo~ new... foone! woo~ haha! so yeah imy! been going home late these few days.. i hope i can go home earlier.. so i could chat with her.. i mean, i so miss her, her! its like she now knw imma joker so shes like, "okay his a joker, so what?" its hard now to make u laugh or even smile.. like u knw what imma sell... so i need the fun u.. where u like laughing all the way.. or must i change to not be lame? or bored? i try new solutions to make u laugh.. even that just cant tickle ur laughing box.. so ill just say, im not blaming u.. i think its me.. and still thinking u had enough of me.. im just lost? can u give me any hints or something?


Friday, January 1, 2010 Here lies the death of 09! But the memories wont.. Goodbye 09! =(
Posted by Keju Fatris at 12:29 AM
Assalamualaikom 2010!
haha! APAKHABAR MALAYSIA! PAKHABAR SINGAPURA! PAKHABAR INDONESIA! haha! i seriously should be the host of the new year show thing.. haha! =D so lets seat down relax on one place and remember the 09 memories... *looking up in the sky, i think got cloud bubble* The ferst thing i cant forget is her, how we met, the ferst time we met, the ferst hello, the ferst smile together, the ferst chocs.. omg! why does 09 have to go? then i cant forget how she told me to quit smoking. haha! ive changed in 2009 for the better in 2010.. and till i die, i wont forget the name, Aisyah Bte Aziz. Shes been the whole thing in 2009.. ups, downs, hard,soft, thin, thick, left, right, and untill Singapore river, we've been through aloooooot of things... but she failed one thing though, she failed to move my heart to another women.. hah! i wont lah babe! so pls dont waste ur effort and energy.. haha! like i said my heart belongs to u.. btw have u accepted the offer from that guy to tutor u in maths? or other subjects? haha! u should if u want to complete ur 2010 mission, that's to pass N-lebel right.. haha! so do what u gotta do... sign the contract! =D and then u can get more closer to sp.. kan best... =) haha! kk kidding2! new year eh tk leh kcau2... =) IMMA MISS ALL IN 09! My teachers excluding puffer fish, gold fish and Miss Shouts-alot.. haha! i miss my secondary life, i miss my class... i must stop now.. everything i type, i just cant stop thinking of the past... so yeah 09 was a blast! now we've gone our separate ways towards living for success or living to success.. =D
So these are some picts i wont forget eh! and yah panjang! dont forget hor! we still BLALLLEEERR!! anywhere we go, ppl want to knw~ hahhaha! ok hor hope u shrink down ah... and hope i grow 2010.. hahhaa! okok!

From spring till winter,
We wish the year will end earlier,

But now regret it ends faster,
Hoping for the best ahead,

So we dont make bad decisions,

And be great!

I miss u guys,

I miss 09,

But now its gone,
In a blink of an eye.

Bye guys,

Bye 09,

Whats left is only memories,

That wont dies!

klah i hope thats enough! haha! klah bye ALLLLL!! LOOVEEE YA GUYSSS!
and especially goodbye 2009.. In loving memories.. 0009.. =D And once a Marsilians always a Marsilians!