Saturday, December 26, 2009 Can i miss her for christmas?
Posted by Keju Fatris at 1:51 PM
Hello there!
Its me again Dj.Kaaay-Juu! everytime i blog, its getting lamer right? haha! so wth its my blog? lol! haha! but everytime i blog, reminds me of someone.. cos, yeah shes the one who created this wonderful blog fer me... =D She helped me alot knw.. but i wanna do something to replace what she have done for me.. hee! =) So i tried, but shes the one with the hard head.. haha! chocking2! =D so any tips guys to overcome this problem? haha! erm yesterday me and family had a barbecue with my cuzzys.. had fun barbecuing.. haha! alot knw the food! there was like, chickens, prawns, daging, satay, shotong, anging panas (hot dogs).. hahaha!

HAHA! so these are some of the photos ah.. haha! ystrday i made a fire knw.. haha! i took over of my bros (yellow shirt in pict) bbq part ah.. so while i was fanning.. haha! got small fire.. then i fan2 somemore then it turn into big fire sia.. omg like ben 10 knw the fire.. haha! then funny sia my bro.. i ask him to fan off the fire ah..
Me: Sapik, Sapik! eh tlng jap.. haha!
Bro: Tlng aper?
-The fire big2 infront of my face knw.. OMG!-
Me: HAHA! tlng aper? soalan bonus ah eh.. =D
Bro: Amak kau ni lembik ah... sini lah..
*pass the fan to him*
Then he fan2! omg! haha! from a hot place ah.. then suddenly i thought i was in Cleveland playing snow.. cos he fan ah wah! hahah! very kuat knw.. hahha! so then everybdy clap.. YAAY! haha! my makcik all takut rdy.. hahaha! Had fun ah.. =D tdy at 7.30 got dikir training.. see? bored right my life? dikir, soccer, dikir, soccer, make fire.. haha! =P while kid enjoying his day with warda at east coast, im the one who must cover for him.. hah! so nvm.. we are so called brothers! =D me and him only ah.. others.. gosh. haha! ive knwn him from sec 1 till now.. he thought me how to smoke.. and now im teaching him how to quit.. haha! but thnx to a certain someone who told me to quit, i wouldnt have the courage and experience on how to teach ppl to quit.. kk enough quiting.. erm its been awhile now since we've chat.. erm just hope that she feels the same way as i feel towards her right now.. =D So santa, Can i miss her for Christmas? i think its to late for the wishing now. haha! and besides ive been a bad boy this year.. so ill just pray to god for her to enjoy what she wants and what she would get k? haha! and pls god give her a suitable guy thats caring, kind and respect her well.. so she no need trouble herself go find one.. haha!

Christmas snows are white,
They are soft too,
So is her heart,
Loving and peaceful.

Ive not been writing poems for a long time now.. so i apologies if sounds lame.. haha!
so yeah leaving off with style, Dj.Kaaay-Juu saying goodbye!
I miss how she call me Keng-joo? haha! bye!


Friday, December 18, 2009 Bon Appetite! <3 =D
Posted by Keju Fatris at 9:19 PM
Hey2! guys Dj-Kaaay-Juu here! so yeah tdy got my N-lebel results... imma brag about this later.. haha! so morning woke up at 7.30.. kinda late.. then went on a morning jog to skewl.. well it aint a jog ah.. its a sprint.. haha! i was late actually.. so yeah! =D my training actually ended at 12+ but i went off early at 10.30 i took my shower at skewl.. but before that at home i took it ferst ah.. aha! so gerls! im hygienic woohoo blue! bless me for being hygienic! haha! then after that i rushed to my aunt's crib which is not far from my skewl... haha! so yeah.. help dad reno-v awhile.. then at 1.30 started ironing my skewl uni.. apparently sad cos it was my last day wearing that uni and having a marsiling sec emblem on my chest.. haha! so yeah it was scary knw waiting for results.. omg! then waited my turn, make jokes.. haha! the joke was like this,
Principle: So were are gonna announce the top student in MSL! *claps*
Principle: From normal technical, there's only one student who achieve this award, so lets give a round of a plause to *This gerl name* *claps!*
Principle: She got 4 a's on her result!
Keju: woooo!! this one cnfrm from NT go straight poly..
*whole skewl laughs*
HAHA! its not the humorous reading it here.. u must see me live in action.. =D This is what stated on my report card..


YEAR: 2009





So yeah got 2 a's, 3 b's, 1 d. haha! ive just finished my drawing from yesterdays.. haha! it came out well aye? for me its ok ah.. i think for art critics they'd call this masterpiece, r.u.b.b.i.s.h!
hahhaa! so yeah cant beat fahmi's drawings..

yeah, Bon Appetite! now i got one more drawing to finish up its called, Remembering A I S H =D haha! cant wait to tell aish how i scored for my N-lebel.. haha!
ok guys Dj.Kaaay-Juu signing off with style! goodbye! F- UUU! haha! wth! =)


Thursday, December 17, 2009 What makes drawing comes to life?
Posted by Keju Fatris at 9:27 PM
We're live in 53.58FM and we're hot hot hot!
haha! so yeah these few day been abit busy.. got some kendarat.. reno-v's again.. soccer.. my kids.. my wife.. haha! k wtf ! these are all fantasies! =P so 100 bucks droppedin my wallet for the kendarat thing.. actually i got 80 bucks on kendarat then my frens mom gave me 20 bucks for dunno what.. but imma spend it wisely.. haha! i soo need new jeans! and im planning on treating someone ice-cream ah... maybe swensens ice cream? haha! only the ice cream i think.. haha! =P lol! so i got and online class on how to draw... hah! and the teacher is my fren named fahmi.. his truly an awesome drawer... haha! drawer are for pants and undys.. =P from my eyes... his and artist.. and i have 4 eyes! haha! so he thought me a few things what i need to do ferst before i start drawing.. haha! so ive drewed something and got some help from my online teacher.. haha!

Well it aint complete yet.. i think, fahmi's drawing are waaaayyy betta then mine! no shit! haha! so currently chewing on some chocos! woohoo blue! i totaly like this choc... at ferst i taste it, it taste different.. not nice.. but now its a miracle! haha! got almond! haha! so nice.. i think those who eat this choc and throw away the almond is.... i have nothing more to say ah.. haha! sape mkn chilli terase pedas, sape mkn choc buang kacang rase-rasenyer tk pandai skit ah.. hahhaa! k ah i think imma go now! bye! wait2.. act cute awhile, Do-Ra-Ea-Mo-Ooon~! hahah! bye!
Ending off with style from Dj. Kaaay-Juu~ =D


Thursday, December 10, 2009 She say Sha Session!
Posted by Keju Fatris at 12:18 AM
put ur hands up high yo! and the other hand close ur arm pit... it smells dude! =P
aha! yeah babes! im back! Dj.Kaaay-juu! so yeah these few days busy.. haha! omg! im like the luckiest guy sia! we have not been chatting otp for a long time then suddenly we chat otp 2 times, 2 TIMES! hahah! k wth! so SHE discovered that we pronounce this word, "Awwwh~" like the same ah.. the tone haha! the going up pitch.. haha! =P so last 3 days i think, i went for a she-sha session! (speak properly lah!) haha! imma upload some of the picts later.. haha! but before went she-sha-ing, me, farid, numan and amsyar went to a soccer game finals... where, Home United under 16 versus Singapore Arm Forces under 16.. Home-U won this cup for 3 years in a row.. thats what ive heard ah.. so yeah congrats Home-U! =D
Numan actually lyn me! haha!

Dosent this guy look like Aliff Aziz? haha! must see live then u believe... hee! =D

The guy in the middle scored one.

Ok ah i think enof ah... hahaha! so basically we had fun... =) erm oklah i think its time to sign off...
Yeah Dj,Kaaay-juu ending off with style! bye! btw i owe someone a poem.. she say dont want.. haha! nvm i got something in mind rdy.. =D klah bye!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009
Posted by Keju Fatris at 11:44 PM

Hello Readers of 53.58FM! Im Dj.Kaaay-juu AkA Keng-juu! hahaha!
so yeah got a pict from this gerl ah.. haha! aint she just drew this pict awesome-ly? Beat that Picasso! HAHA! =D well yeah got sccr training.. its like hell.. 8 rounds 12 mins.. i pass by a glimpse.. haha! lucky me! =D tdy i ate 4 times not including breakfast.. haiyo.. now head pening.. then too sleepy! too tired! sore Mus-kels-tears! ahaha! ok i think imma stop here.. EH wait! haha! yesterday was kinda fun day cos i got sing to her since we've last chatted on the fone.. omg i was so nervous.. got some percah2 part.. haha! tkpe... im an amateur but she say improve rdy.. haha! she what florence ah? =) haha! klah bye!
Leaving off with style! Dj.Kaaay-juu! AkA Keng-juu!